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what's your why?

Uniting marketing, social media and design, Goodlux Media delivers brilliant brand storytelling that engages, influences, and connects



Who we are

We are a brand elevation + marketing agency located in Portland, Maine that is driven and inspired by helping entrepreneurs and businesses grow their brands utilizing the power of their why.

Your why is the heart and core of your business. It's who you are and why you do what you do. Leading from that place, we'll work together to implement strategic, powerful tools that meet your unique goals.

We believe in purpose, authenticity, and connection.


What we do

+  Marketing Consultation

+  Teaching / Coaching

+ Squarespace Web Design

+  Social Media Strategy / Campaigns

+ Photography

+  Copywriting / Editing

I enjoyed working with Caseylin on a number of print and online marketing campaigns for the Portland Press Herald that got great results. Caseylin is dedicated, smart, passionate and creative, and is great to work with. She knows her stuff!
— M. Pritchard, Creative Services Supervisor + Marketing Designer, PPH.


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